Oct 17-20, 2017

4-day Off Road EVOC

Instructor Course

May 22-25, 2018
4-day Off Road EVOC
Instructor Course

July 19-20, 2018
2-day Off Road EVOC

Sept 20-21, 2018
2-day Off Road EVOC

Oct 23-26 , 2018

4-day Off Road EVOC Instructor Course



The Driving Company Offers Off Road EVOC courses; Basic and Instructor level. Other courses include classroom defensive driving classes for any agency or private company.

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How to pay?

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Off Road EVOC

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The Driving Company is a proud partner of  South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium! 

The Driving Company offers Off Road EVOC courses, and Off Road EVOC Instructor courses taught by state-certified instructors.  We also offer classroom defensive driving courses for public agencies,  and private companies. Our off road instructors have extensive experience providing 4WD training to both beginning and expert off road drivers.  Can't come to California? The Driving Company can send off road training to you. We will just need an area for us to conduct the off road training, and enough vehicles to provide one 4x4 vehicle for every two students.  We have traveled to Tajikistan, so there is no place too far! Contact us for a proposal today!

Learn more about what is covered in each of our exciting courses.  Many say it is the best course they have ever attended!

The off road instructors from The Driving Company are all certified through the State of California in off road training, and all are certified California POST academy instructors. They all have extensive training in the latest adult learning and teaching methods. No off road club certifications here!  The Driving Company instructors are all trained professionals.

Off Road EVOC 4WD Training for Public and Private Agencies

Off Road Training From Certified Professionals!

Read this workbook before coming to class!  It is available in online and print versions. You will get a printed version the first day of class.