4-Day Off Road EVOC Instructor Course

​​The 4-day Train-the-Trainer course covers off road driving basics as in the 2-day course, recovery techniques, aspects of adult learning, techniques of teaching, course facilitation, dealing with problem students, remedial training issues, and safety considerations in off road training. At the end of the course the students will be able to plan and administer a basic off road driving course for their agency. We highly recommend all personnel who are going to teach an off road course attend this Train-the-Trainer course. We do not believe in teaching drivers in a classroom setting. Learning happens behind the wheel, out on our challenging and exciting off road training area. The Trainer-the-Trainer course is not intended to teach students to train other instructors.​ 

 Students will receive the following:​

1.   A sample expanded course outline that can be modified to meet their specific needs
​2.   A sample lesson plan
​3.   Sample safety guidelines that can be modified to meet your needs and meets the​​  requirements to get your own off road course POST certified
4.   A workbook that can be used in all your own off road classes​
5.   A PowerPoint presentation that can be used in the classroom component  ​
6.   We will provide ongoing support by acting as a resource for all your instructors  ​
​7. We provide lunch each day.​​

Topics Include:​   
Off road safety in an SUV or Brush Rig​  
4WD Theory​  
Ascending and descending steep inclines​   
Approach and departure angles​   
Proper tire pressure​  
Proper braking methods​   
Handling weight transfer in an SUV​  
Recovery techniques​  
Proper vehicle configuration​  
Recovery equipment use and safety​   
Spotting techniques​   
Recovery scenarios​   
Emergency responses​​
Custom Courses
Course Dates Available for Groups of 4 or More​  

Prices per person.

1-Day Basic Off Road: $320

2-day Off Road EVOC: $640  

​4-day Train-the-Trainer Instructor Course: $1,280​  

​​​4-wheel Drive vehicles available for rent: $100 per day per student (limited availability- first come, first serve)​

What to bring: Also see the FAQ Page!
​(Training Coordinators - make sure your people get this list and the pre-reading!!)​​ 

1.  4-wheel drive vehicle in good working order (one vehicle per two students is recommended if you are sending more than one student)​
2.  Boots will good tread and ankle support.​ 

3.  Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen​ 

4. Notebook       

5. ​We will provide agency students lunch each day for EVOC courses.



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NOTE: Due to unrealistic and unreasonable demands from California POST, we have decided to no longer seek POST certification for our courses. For example, POST wants all vehicles coming to the class to be outfitted for high-speed performance and pursuit driving: roll cages, 5-point harnesses, and helmets for the students. This is obviously unrealistic and unnecessary since speeds in our classes are under 20 mph.

We will still assist POST agencies attending our train-the-trainer course with templates for the paperwork required to certify your courses, but it will depend on your area representative since each area representative has their own set of rules. There is no POST rule about where you attend your train-the-trainer course.

 Open course dates are listed below. Sign up for one of these, or we can arrange a course to meet your needs and schedule. These off road EVOC courses are taught at Hollister Hills SVRA. These courses are designed for Fire Departments, Police and Sheriff's Departments, Fire Departments, Search and Rescue Teams, Park Rangers, and other public safety agencies. ​​All courses meet or exceed NFPA Standards.

1-Day Basic Off Road Course

This course is designed for those who must drive off road, but are not responsible for responding to emergencies. Learn to safely drive off road without getting stuck or damaging your vehicle. Basic winch safety can also be covered upon request.

2-day Off Road EVOC

​You can significantly expand your response area once you have the training and hands-on experience you get in this 2-day course. You learn how to negotiate different types of terrain, the concept of "mechanical sympathy" which will save your agency money in repair and maintenance costs, and you learn how to make sound decisions in the field. We will discuss how to set up and equip off road response vehicles, and how to use various types of recovery gear. The course includes realistic response scenarios. Lead instructor Dave Storton holds a Master's degree in Adult Education, and he has designed this course using the latest in adult learning methods. Our problem-based learning model uses realistic scenarios to deliver the best training you will find anywhere. Our instructors have extensive experience as emergency responders and as instructors teaching driving courses to public safety personnel. This is a very hands-on, interactive course. Our experts know that learning happens behind the wheel, so very little time is spent in a classroom; you will be out in our challenging and exciting off road training area. 

Off Road EVOC