We can do off road training for you in any sort of vehicle; from a stock SUV to modified off road vehicles. We will tailor the class to meet your off road learning needs, your level of experience, and your vehicle capability. This class will pay for itself many times over, because the skills you learn will help keep you from damaging your vehicle. 


June 9, 2018

July 21, 2018

August 25, 2018

This is your chance to learn off road driving from the professionals who train search & rescue personnel, firefighters, law enforcement, and the military. We are the people who train the personnel at the off road parks in California, including Hollister Hills SVRA. Ask any park ranger, and they will know us!  In your search for training, you may find weekend instructors who offer training through an off road club, but the instructors from The Driving Company are recognized by the State of California (POST) as experts in Off Road Vehicle Operations, and all have been through instructor development training. Our Lead Instructor, Dave Storton, holds a Master's Degree in Adult Education.  The Driving Company has a perfect safety record since we started in 2003.

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Off Road Training for the General Public.

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Topics Include:​
Off road safety in an SUV or modified off road vehicle​  
4WD Theory​  
Ascending and descending steep inclines​   
Approach and departure angles​   
Proper tire pressure​  
Proper braking methods​   
Handling weight transfer​  
Proper vehicle configuration​  
Spotting techniques​   
Custom Courses
Course Dates Available for Groups of 6 or More​  

Prices per person.
1-Day Basic Off Road: $320

​​​4-wheel Drive vehicles available for rent:

$100 per day per student

(limited availability- first come, first serve)​

What to bring: Also see the FAQ Page!
1.  4-wheel drive vehicle in good working order

(one vehicle per two students is recommended,

but coming solo is just fine!)
2.  Boots with good tread and ankle support.​ 
3.  Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen​ 
4. Notebook       
5. ​Bring a lunch and snacks - there are no places to eat nearby.

(We will have drinks for you.)


Learn Off Road Driving From the Professionals. 

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